{Homeschool} Tip Tuesday: Modeling

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It is a false mentality that we have as homeschooling parents that we are doing a disservice to our kids when we show them how to do something.

Modeling is important. We all learn by example, but somehow we think that examples are taboo when teaching our kids. We can't give them an example of what to write, an example of an equation for a word problem, etc. If we do that, we are giving them the answers.

But why do we think that is bad? We want them to do their work, to do it right, and to do it well. What better way to ensure success than to show them what we expect?

The same goes for their character. We need to show them how someone acts kindly. They need to see us modeling patience and generosity. Selfless acts by us (with a good attitude) will teach them to get along with others and not to demand their rights.
Ask God to show you how the modeling in your home needs to change and grow. Everyone can learn from this type of teaching!

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