Five Minute Friday: Listen

Five Minute Friday is the invention of Lisa-Jo Baker, and it is a chance for those who like to write to do so in a way that doesn't hinder creativity. There is no mark you have to hit; just write for the fun of it, using the weekly prompt for inspiration. The only rule is you have to visit the person who linked up behind you, to give them some encouragement.

Today's topic is Listen

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Here I GO:

I had a busy week. I got up early to get my daughter to math camp every day this week (except today). And I had baseball games in the evenings. And I was trying to get the chaos that pretends to be my homeschool library in some kind of order, so I could get ready to have end-of-year evaluations for my kids.

I had the evaluation meeting Wednesday at 1:00. I furiously organized binders of school work (yes, this is my fault, this being unorganized...but that is off topic for today). I figured out how to get my daughter home from camp at 1:30 (thanks to a friend), and then off I went, feeling the frazzled feelings of needing to present something organized when I felt like I was a mess.

I came back home and got into argument with husband because our house was a mess and family from out of town was coming (and it was not planned) and I wanted to be sure when they would be there. Then I was late to go to furniture store before it closed, and I made hasty right turn on red at a stop light. I had plenty of time and the person waiting to go through was not even moving yet, but they basted me with a long blare of their horn. And I did the mature thing, I blasted them back.

In the midst of all this, I felt overwhelmed and undone. And emptied-out exhausted.

It is so hard to rest, even when I'm not doing anything because my mind won't stop nagging me about all that needs to happen. It made me think of what my friend has been telling me for weeks now, that I really need a Sabbath.

I need to listen to her.

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  1. Oh man, can I relate to this one! I appreciate your honesty, life is so busy & we all have 24 hours in our day, but why does it seem to fly by when I am on a deadline??? LOL!
    I enjoyed your post, I hope you have a great Sabbath rest over the weekend! Hang in there!

  2. I can definitely relate as well!!! I pray that you have a great rest as well!! :)

  3. Sounds like you have a good friend! I love the photo you used too!


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