Five Minute Friday: Another Small Post

One more time, I'm writing a brief post to the prompt at Lisa-Jo's site, for Five Minute Friday.

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Prompt for Today is SMALL

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My daughter tossed her soup can into the garbage today, instead of rinsing it out and recycling it. I fished it out and held it up to her.

"Um, don't we recycle?" I said.

"It's just one can," she replied.

To which I said, "If everyone in the world had the same thought, how many cans would be thrown away today?"


Our actions, no matter how small, always count for something.


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  1. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday...A good reminder that all of our actions matter...big or small! :)

  2. hmmmm, very true!!! a good lesson to learn, and a good thought to remember!

  3. Hi Selena! I am an avid recycler, and keep reminding my husband to do it. He thinks it doesn't make a difference, so he's a lot like your daughter!

    But small things are where we start, so it's important. Loved seeing a little snapshot of your life.



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