Five Minute Friday: Lonely

Yes, it is Friday again. The weeks are flying by, and sometimes this is the only day I can post. But today, brevity with creativity is on the menu, and five minutes are doable!

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Today's prompt is LONELY.

Here I GO:


Once upon a time I was very self-confident. Or maybe I should say self-reliant, since my confidence wasn't so great.

I wanted to be admired and to be successful; to be loved and cherished. So I made a lot of stupid mistakes and gave myself away to others in an attempt to be accepted.

But all I got was hurt. And hollowed out.

Fast forward to today, and I am very different. Jesus has come, and my Lord has been working in the background, in a quietly ferocious way, to peel away the layers of self-reliance and all the hurt it causes me.

It leaves me feeling vulnerable. And I fight the anxiety that has become an unfriendly friend.

But in the midst of the loneliness that I feel during this desert time of laying down my tendencies toward self-preservation, God is merciful.

He never has forsaken me, and He never will. That is the rock that I cling to. That is the hope that keeps me going, even when the loneliness is overwhelming.

I may be lonely, but I am never alone.

Five Minute Friday


  1. HI Selena! How beautiful that you see God in your loneliness. I think that's why they come we will remember that he is the one we should look to.

    I'd love to hear more from you! I'll be your newest follower :) I hope you'll come over and check out my blog too!


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