Five Minute Friday: Small

Here we are today, another Friday of writing abandon, where we don't stress about grammar but just free write for 5 minutes.

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Today's prompt is SMALL.

Here I GO:

My 10 year old son has taken a keen interest in battles and guns, lately, because of pictures in history books and imagination gone wild while exploring the neighbor's creek.

His dad bought him some air guns for last Christmas, and he has been playing outside with them. I've warned him many times about not pointing the guns at people, but he still continued to do it. He insisted that the gun wasn't loaded when he did it. I should have taken them away without mercy.

Today, he pointed his rifle at me, from about 2 feet away, and shot. It took a few seconds before the pain surprised me. Those tiny balls are about a third the size of a pea, but they pack a wallop. Especially at point blank range. He didn't think it had any bullets in it.

Makes me think of how even the smallest of comments can take us down with incredible pain. And how often do we fire those without thinking?

Unlike my side, the pain from those wounds doesn't always fade.


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  1. So true - small words can do more damage than some of the biggest fights. And boys never mean to cause damage when they are learning how to be little men, right? At least I tell myself that often as mine are still really young...

    Thanks for stopping by my FMF post!


  2. Wow.... just wow... I'm sorry your son shot you, even if it was just a bb gun. Yes, great reminder about how small words still leave quite a wallop. Happy Friday!


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