Five Minute Friday: Story

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This Friday, I'm writing with others to the prompt of: STORY

And here I GO:


Everyone is writing a story. It isn't just us writers who do it (although we put it down somewhere where others can read it after we are long gone), every single one of us is telling our story to the world.

I have been thinking about my life, and how it tends to be filled with way too much -- too much stuff, too much anxiety, too much drama. And I ask myself, What story am I telling? Who is the main character? Is it Jesus or me?

All of us are being watched. Others are reading our story, even if we don't have it down on paper or some other medium. They look at how we live. The lines of the story become what we say, how we do, and why we act.

What meaning does it all have?

I remember saying once that if I write a book, I want it to be meaningful, helpful, worthwhile. How do I live my life? Do I live it with that in mind? Or do I just plow through my days putting out fires and running on empty?

My story is important. I need to remember that the next time I'm tempted not to be careful with my words and actions.

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  1. I don't want to "just plow through my days putting out fires and running on empty" either! Thank you for the challenge to live mindfull that our lives are a story being read by those around us!

  2. What a great reminder. I want to use all the resources God gives me--to make a difference. Living with no regrets! I enjoyed this so much!

    You have a beautiful site. I'm looking forward to taking a look around!


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