Happy Birthday Sara!

It is hard to believe that it has been NINE years since I've held a new baby. Makes me (almost) want to give in to the nagging of my kids to have another one.  

We tell her this story often, and I've probably mentioned it in a post before, but Sara was the only baby for whom we didn't change names. We had her full name picked out from the beginning. And I knew she would have red hair! 

When she was born, as soon as the doctor said, "It's a girl!", Glen and I both exclaimed together: "Sara!" We were overjoyed to welcome our sweet baby girl into our hearts and our family.

Sara enjoys playing with Barbies, so she picked out this Barbie cake from the local Food Lion. It was definitely sweet. Since we've recently decided to eat much healthier, we compromised by letting everyone eat one piece and then we tossed the rest of the cake in the trash (it was the smallest cake they would make). 

Sara was beyond excited to open her present, which she knew was a Kindle Fire. I got it on sale from Amazon a few weeks before her birthday and left it unopened on my library shelf, until her big day. It was such fun tormenting her with anticipation. In fact, I may do this with all my kids going forward....muhaaahahahahaha

She immediately set up her Kindle, with some help from her big sis, and then promptly read two (yes, 2)  "Hank the Cowdog" chapter e-books.

I cannot believe my little girl has grown so much. She is such a joy to be around. Although she is changing, she still has a great spunk about her. Everyone who knows her, loves to be around her. She is our fun girl! Ever the social butterfly, she makes friends wherever she goes.

Sara has been taking voice lessons for a while now, and yesterday she sang with the "Born to Sing" show choir at Heston Farms. She did a great job, and she is excited to do a solo in our annual Christmas talent show for our homeschool co-op.

One of the things that I love the most about Sara is her tender heart. She loves the Lord, and she writes and sings her own praise songs to Him. She will weep easily when she hears about someone else having trouble, or when she learns about something sad.

I agree with her Sunday School teacher, who said that God has something amazing planned for Sara's life. Even if that amazing thing is being married and raising children, those children will be fortunate to have Sara for a mom.

Happy Birthday, Sara! We love you!


  1. Hi Selena! I've missed you! Glad to see a post today.

    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! Did she read this? If not, I hope you'll print it and save it for another day. So touching! I love how you talked about all her positive qualities. And so talented too. To have the guts to get up and sing in front of so many people is very impressive!

    Not as impressive as throwing out left-over cake. You are a WARRIOR, my dear! What an inspiration to me :)


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