Five Minute Friday: Ordinary {link up}

Lisa-Jo Baker

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Today's prompt is:  ORDINARY

Once upon a time I used to hate ordinary. Now I'd love to have some ordinary in my life.

You might think that being a stay-at-home mom who home educates her children would be ordinary. Run-of-the-mill. Maybe even a little boring? Nope.

 A typical day for me starts early, like 5:30 am, if I want to be sane the rest of the day. I need alone time, some basking-in-Him time, or I don't act nice and my day will be extraordinary. (Only not in a good way.)

Even though my life isn't so ordinary, I struggle with feeling ordinary. Even a little boring.

I have to constantly remind myself that I cannot compare my life or my body or my Jesus-walk to others.

Because what I am doing I am called to do, called by the King of Everything. And He has given me super power that enables me to do all the things I have to do.

Because being a mom is far from ordinary.


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  1. Yes! Being a mom is far from ordinary. We homeschool also. Love your phrase King of Everything. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jennifer,

      Thanks for stopping by! It's always good to "meet" a fellow homeschooler.


  2. Jumped over from Lisa Jo's and I could not agree with you more "being a mom is far from ordinary"! And there is nothing like starting out your day at 5:30 am with Him!

    Remaining in His Arms, Beth

    1. Beth,
      Thanks for visiting! Yes, motherhood is far from ordinary, indeed. :)


  3. Hi Selena! Oh, you are far from ordinary, my friend. God thinks you are superwoman with all that power he has given you! You do so much for so many...God loves that.

    I don't think you are ordinary at all. I admire your determination to homeschool and to be the best Mom you can be. This is fulfilling his gifts in you. Beautiful!

  4. Ceil, I felt like you gave me a big hug with that encouraging comment. Thank you so much! I am so glad we "met" via blogging. With all the yuck in the cyber-realm, it is wonderful to see how God can use it for His glory. :)


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