New Old Chair

I've had this chair, which used to belong to my grandmother, for a while now. My mom had it and didn't like it much, but I love it—especially the red print seat! (I wish I had the matching rocking chair, too...but I'm not sure what happened to it.)

The caning on the back and sides was dry-rotted, and it broke apart shortly after the chair moved into our home. Ten years later, it has a newly caned back! Yay! I think my handy husband did a great job, don't you? 

Before you install the caning, you have to soak it in water. We debated soaking it in tea to darken it, but we decided the color would age enough on its own.

Hopefully, we'll get the sides caned before another ten years go by. ha.


  1. Hi Selena! So nice to see you today :)

    I think your husband did a spectacular job! it looks brand-new to me. How blessed you are to have such a talented guy. Enjoy your 'new' chair!


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