Five Minute Friday: Reflect

Lisa-Jo Baker

Today is the day when those who love to write join together to write with abandon for five minutes flat, just for the love of writing. No worries about grammar or editing and such. Just your five minutes worth on the word for the day.

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Today's prompt is:  REFLECT


"As water acts as a mirror to a face, so the heart of man acts as a mirror to a man," (Proverbs 27:19 NLV).

I rarely like the way I look in pictures. 

The camera does not love me, as it does some people. I'm usually happy with what I see when I look in the mirror. I can pose and smile and I think I look presentable. Even pretty, at times. But when I'm caught with my guard down, in some candid photo, I usually groan. Usually I'm caught in the middle of an expression that, even though the intention may have been a smile, looks more like I just got stung by a bee.

I have to admit that the way my heart reflects who I am is similar. When I'm "posing" in front of my computer screen, preparing to type some encouraging revelation I've received from God, I feel good about how my Christian witness looks. But catch me unaware, maybe on a day when I've not slept well and my kids are grumpy and I'm grumpier—then I don't like what my heart is reflecting. 

And then you've got the whole iron sharpens iron thing going on, when you live with others. They are always acting like mirrors, those members of your family, reflecting back how you really are.

So I am ever thankful for the lavish grace that my Savior doles out to cover the cracks in my reflection. Mine is not a perfect image, to say the least.


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  1. Well, Selena. I'm convicted. We're on the same page! Thanks for sharing.


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