Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

I haven't been writing much lately.

At times, I feel discouraged—both as a wife/mom and as a writer—because time goes so quickly, and there are times when fatigue seems to define my life.

And then I don't want to write. (Or maybe it is just that I don't have the brain power to do it)

It seems that the common thread among true "writers" is they write because they will explode if they don't. If you are a writer, you write. Right? So when I don't write regularly, that can leave me feeling discouraged.

Well, this Five Minute Friday topic is timely. I am excited to share some encouragement today. And I can also use some encouragement. So feel free to read and comment at your leisure, and leave some love for me at the end, won't ya?

Here's how this community of Five Minute Friday-ers does it: 

  • Lisa-Jo tells us to write with abandon for five minutes, without fretting about editing, and then link up at her site. 
  •  The main rule, besides not uber-polishing your prose, is to visit the one who links before you, and love on them some. You can click here for more info.

So, here I go. Five minutes on: ENCOURAGEMENT

I am here to give you encouragement, if you feel like your marriage is over.

I have been in the depths of despair, and I have cried a thousand tears. I have felt betrayal and confusion and broken trust and rejection. I have wallowed in self-pity and I have railed at God for my lot in life. I have been angry and I have been profoundly sad. I know what it is like to be numb and despondent.

But I also know a God who raises dead things to life!  He is the One who can fix anything broken, no matter how broken it may be. He heals, He restores, He makes all things new. He does the impossible, breathing life into lifeless areas that have been starved for oxygen for years.

Nothing is impossible with Him. No matter how bad it seems, no matter how much or how long it has hurt, He makes ALL things new!

There is no pit you are in, that God's love is not deeper still. He is a miracle-working God. He can glorify His name through your marriage. He can make it an Ephesians 3:20 experience.

And the beauty He gives, for the ashes your marriage was, is something that can only come by the fire of the refiner. It is glorious beyond measure.

Not perfect, because we are humans living in a sin-soaked world. But God can renew your minds and create a love that is focused on Him, which far outshines any superficial ideas the world has of what love is.

Will you surrender your own heart to His will? Don't give up. He won't disappoint you.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Wow....great post. I wish you had been around when my marriage was on the rocks. But were not supposed to be....because I would not be who I am now....or what I am now. Stopping in from Five Minute Friday.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. You are right, the Lord uses everything we go through -- good and bad -- to make us who we are today. I pray that you rest in His peace.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I haven't been through this experience thank goodness..but relate to it on other levels. Thank you for encouraging words about how there is no situation God can't lead you out of :D. I have some encouragement for you as well. When it comes to your writing- you ARE a writer. All creatives go through dry periods at times. I think people put too much pressure sometimes on what it means to be a writer. I have been lax about my blog the past month due to the bustle of life and I get fatigue at times as well. However, I view myself as an author, a writer etc. I don't even have a book published yet, but I am an author on my blog. You are an author and a writer too. We all have a story to tell! I don't want to write sometimes either, but that doesn't make me less of a writer than any other person out there who may be doing it full time. Sometimes we just need to let ourselves BE . In the present, in real life. And then...when we feel like it again, we will pick up that pen and write. Because there is a lifetime of stories within that we will pen when the urge strikes :). There are no rules to being a creative person. You can do whatever you like and come back to it whenever you wish. That is the beauty of it all! Hugs!

    1. Rebekah,

      Thanks so much for your kind encouragement, and for visiting my blog!

  3. A very encouraging post, Rebekah. Thank you.

  4. An encouraging post, Selena. Thank you.
    Esther (#FMF)


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