Five Minute Friday: Hero

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The prompt for this past Friday was HERO.

Here I GO

My husband is my hero. Here he is in action, up early to clean out our driveway before leaving for work.

I cannot tell you how many times he has shoveled snow for us or our neighbors, how many times he has plowed snow. Or how wonderful it was when he came to rescue me and my minivan full of groceries when I finally chickened out while driving home from Walmart on skating-rink streets.

I love that he is fearless of ice or snow covered roads (because I most certainly am not).

And I love how he does the hard jobs, like climbing on the roof to fix problems up there (even though I would rather he call someone else), or grubbing around in the crawlspace full of spider webs (and probably some spiders) to store things there so we have more room in our pseudo-two-stall garage.

All these yucky jobs that I wouldn't ever want to do, he does without grumbling or complaining. He does them because he's my man and he likes taking care of things.

I think he's wonderful that way. And that's why he's my hero. :)

Five Minute Friday