Wrestling Champion {and other random pictures}

Over the last few years, our son has grown in confidence and ability in both baseball and wrestling, and we are beyond proud of him. He is amazing. And he is cute, too.

He went to a tournament in Dodridge County yesterday and won first place in his weight class by pinning his opponent in all three matches! He was very excited, and this is the biggest trophy, by far, over all the trophies he has collected. He was trying hard not to grin from ear to ear. :)

Here is our lab, Daisy...silly puppy

Glen is teaching himself to play the mandolin, and he is doing a great job!

The temps dipped down below zero a few nights and it appears that our front doors are not very insulated. The white at the bottoms and around the door handle is frost. Yep, it was cold outside.

Snow, snow, snow...

I am trying to enjoy the pretty snow and not to complain. But I will be very thankful for spring, when it finally gets here!