Randomness with Pictures

That is what I'm hoping for from our garden. It is looking pretty good this year, with our fence staying charged (despite huge branches landing on it during the recent windy storm), but sometimes things aren't always as good as they appear, eh? So, we shall see.

But, if you have the typical abundance of garden zucchini and you are ready to hand it out to everyone you meet, here's a fun and amazingly tasty way to use up those green lovelies.

Zucchini pickles are a wonderful mix of tangy, spicy and sweet, and they go great with everything. And don't let not liking dill pickles scare you away, because these are not traditional tasting at all. Check out the Cooking Light recipe and give it a go. You won't be sorry.

My oldest daughter is very artistic. When our dog chewed the foot off of one of her My Little Pony toys from long ago, she didn't want me to throw it away. Instead, she free-handed a new "cutie" mark on its hip and renamed the pony "Miss Handicap."

Speaking of my oldest, here is her hair done in a Celtic Knot. She hates for anything to be done to her hair, so this was done under duress.

I was cutting some melon balls for fruit salad, when I noticed this little watermelon critter...

My Mother's Day present from Glen, new patio cushions from Pier 1. Very comfy and beautiful. Picture taken before the death the flowers, which crisped in the blazing sun.

And my amazing Mother's Day banner that my Campbell kids made for me (which was Sara's idea).

Grandpa Campbell came to visit from Ohio, which was a nice surprise after not seeing him for almost three years.

Sara is making fun of my tears (right now) by saying (cue dramatic voice), "My little girl went away to camp and my heart was broken open wide..." I did count down the days until she returned.

 Some pictures we took for Sara to take to camp with her (and I forgot to print before we left but probably would have made her more homesick, so maybe a good thing).

Siblings trying desperately to hold back their emotions at the thought of their sister leaving for a whole week.

Getting ready to board the bus.

Picture of license plate. Just in case I needed to track down the bus that took off with my baby girl.

Sara at camp with her camp counselor, Emily. Such a wonderful young lady. I felt much better knowing Sara was with her.

 More pictures later...