Five Minute Friday (on Sunday):: Reach {link up}

This is writing for five minutes without worrying what anyone else thinks of your grammar and style. Just get it out there and have fun. This is a safe place to be!

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This week's prompt is REACH.


The Merriam-Webster online definition of reach is:

"to be able to touch, pick up, or grab (something) by moving or stretching"  

I think that is why God has us reach for Him, why He orchestrates our lives so we have to reach for Him – it gets us moving and stretching. And that is good.

But sometimes it feels bad. Because sometimes we have been stagnant and we have not moved or stretched for so long that we are stiff and it is hard.

And sometimes we have to let go of something in order to have a free hand to take hold of the new thing that God has for us in the reaching. 

And letting go is hard. 
And it hurts.

But just like stretching helps sore muscles, reaching for Him when we hurt is good. 
And it helps.

So I'm reaching and stretching. And (God help me!) I'm leaving the rest to Him.