My Amazing Man

I wasn't READY to do FMF on Friday, but now I am. That's the beauty of spontaneous writing, eh? Click on the button, to learn more about FMF., and maybe you'll do better than I at getting something posted on Fridays. :-)

This past Friday's prompt was: READY


We just finished watching The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Since I groaned at being trapped in a theater seat for the time it took to watch the first movie, I am shocked that I allowed myself to watch this one. But at least I could make tea and snuggle with my husband.

Speaking of my husband, HE is truly amazing. Are you READY to hear just how amazing?

Our Time Warner cable was chewed in half by our neighbor's lawn mower, and we were without any services from Saturday to last night (which is when he discovered what had happened).

After working all day, and then helping to coach our son's baseball team, he went to Radio Shack and picked up some parts to hopefully couple the wire back together. Why? Not because we were dying from lack of tech, but so I wouldn't have to get up early to drive to our church and hop on their wi-fi so our daughter could take her online physical science class.

And it worked! He is amazing...even the service guy who came today to make a more permanently temporary fix (the actual fix will involve digging up our yard from the pole to the house to bury a new line...), even he said he was amazed that what my husband did worked.

He is a brilliant man.

And very tenderhearted.  He cries at movies with me. He let me take our neighbors dog to the vet and pay for a (very expensive) surgery because we couldn't stand to see it suffer.

And he's thoughtful.

I had always wanted to play tennis, for years, but never had a chance. I mentioned it recently when we were walking the track at our local college, so he bought me a racket and some balls for my birthday. And he has played with me several times.

He hides chocolate so that when I am desperate for some, he can whisk out a piece to meet that need.

He rubs my feet (which always hurt), even though he stands on his feet for hours each day while working.

He goes to work faithfully, because he wants to take good care of us. In the sixteen years I've known him, he's only missed work one day. (And he was very sick.)

He is constantly learning things, to keep his mind sharp. Since I've met him, he's learned to play the bagpipes (and he looks great in a kilt), the mandolin, and taught himself the Gaelic language. And he's learned how to brew his own craft beer from scratch, even down to roasting and grinding his own grains.

He tells me he's crazy about me. And that I'm beautiful.

And he makes me laugh. A lot.

He's a deep thinker, and He isn't afraid to love God and let others know it.

I am SO thankful for my amazing man.