Freedom {Day 23 of 31}

One of the things that we often take for granted is freedom.  Freedom to worship, freedom to say what we think publicly, freedom to publish things that are opinionated in newspapers and other media; on and on the list goes.

All of these freedoms we enjoy, without fear of death or imprisonment looming over our heads.

Ask me, and I would immediately say that I am beyond thankful for that.

But am I really?

As I said, I usually take things for granted. Most of us probably do.

How many Bibles do I have in my home? A quick rough count and I come up with at least eight that I know of.

Do I read my Bible daily? Do I cling to the words as the bread of Life that they are, treasuring them in my heart so they will be available to me even when the actual pages are not?

No. I don't. Not like I should.

My sister forwarded me this video. This shows a prime example of the freedom that we enjoy in America. The young woman in this video could not take such a blatant stand in other countries without fear of tortured imprisonment or death.

Our freedom is an amazing thing. I praise God for it. I praise God for His mercy in allowing us to exercise our freedom and to make our own choices.

And I pray that we all remember the weight of responsibility that comes with that freedom.