God is Faithful {Day 1 of 31}

31 Days writing challenge, for five minutes,  here I go:

There is nothing like feeling that your own behavior, thoughts, and feelings keep you from connecting with someone. It is awful, and a catch-22, because maybe you know you are wrong, but you want justice. But in standing for justice, you end up being rejected. And it's awful.

 I have done many, many stupid things. Made numerous mistakes and terrible decisions. And I've experienced a lot of pain, as a result of my poor choices.

But God has been faithful to me throughout my whole life.

Just when I think I can't go on, or when I feel like everything is a big fairy tale and I'm just trying to convince myself that truth is absolute and that there is something out there that can't been seen but is more real than anything you can see, He comes through. He moves in my life, in different ways, and I know He is there.

He is always Faithful.
Always True.
Always constant.

He loves me!

And He loves you, too!