God Never Sleeps {Day 5 of 31}

Today, my day 5 of a month of daily writing will be five minutes about sleep.

Because I love to sleep. (Who doesn't?)

I used to get a good dose of eight hours sleep each night. I couldn't stay awake if I wanted to, because I spent 3-4 hours a day working out (running and lifting), and my body had had enough by around 8:30 each night. Eight hours of blissful sleep later, I would wake up and do it again.

I was single and childless then, too.

Now, I am married, with three children (whom I homeschool), and I rarely "officially" workout. I would still love to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, but that rarely happens now.

Even though my kids are older and will go to bed and usually sleep peacefully, I have never consistently rested well since having them. I'm always in high alert when they go to bed. Or pummeled with thoughts of things to get done, or what-ifs about the day that just ended (or the one to come).

Crazy-making, sleep-depriving thoughts. Why do I do it? Why don't I just relax and enjoy the rest that God has so graciously given, that built-in need to recharge my battery?

After all, God never sleeps. He is always awake. He will keep me (and my children, and my tomorrows, and everything else) and I have nothing to worry about.

"He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber, " (Psalm 121:3).

So that is what I'm going to think about tonight, when my head sinks into my comfy pillow and the anxious thought try to crowd out the comfort - God never sleeps. He is always awake, always alert, always watching over me.