New Days {Day 13 of 31}

Glad for this month's daily writing challenge from The Nester, whose motto is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." She reminds me that in everything - writing included - there is perfectly imperfect beauty. And that gives me the freedom not to beat myself up for missing some days when I was sick.

I am better, although I am still fighting bronchitis. And the volume of medicine and vitamins I'm taking outweighs my breakfast bowl of cereal.

But I'm glad for today. So thankful to be a day closer to healthy breathing. And getting something done.

That is the beauty of new days. I truly praise God for them.

New days give us a fresh start, help us to mark time away from the pain of yesterday; and after a night of sleep, new days renew our hope. Or at least give us some more energy to face what lies ahead.

 Aren't you glad for new days?