Random Picture Post

LOTS of pictures! 

 Buoyancy experiment - foil boats in salt water, how many pennies will they hold? (Sara's held over 100!)

 Daisy home from cruciate ligament repair surgery.  She cried for 7 hours after we brought her home. Literally.

 Density experiment - homemade lava lamps (water/vinegar & oil, with alka-seltzer tabs).

 Daisy with the "Cone of Shame," after having bandage taken off because it was slipping. Vet said it would, but I was surprised how soon.

 Close up of creepy incision. Poor puppeh. That dark hanging spot is her gut, which is more noticeable now that she's shaved. Vet said she needs to lose about 10 lbs. Accomplishing that will be interesting.

From creepy to yummy (said these are random) - up around 4:30 - 5:00 each morning with Daisy, so have been making homemade treats. These are English muffins. There is nothing like homemade!

 Way late in posting some things, like my birthday pictures. Sara made me a homemade pillow (so sweet), and Glen bought me a tennis racket and some tennis balls. Should have taken a picture of how he wrapped them. I had no idea what they were.

 Another homemade treat - yeasted pumpkin bread. Wonderful texture and great, mildly sweet flavor.

My talented guy's handcrafted shoe-shine box.

 My sweet Sara's paper dolls. I fail at making these. Mine look more like paper aliens.

 Iain reading to some guests. :)

 A giant (sadly, dead) wheel bug (see wheel on upper back?). They are great for your garden, since they eat the potato bugs. This one died because we just had the exterminator out for an bi-annual spray.

 An ant with a very large bottom. Maybe a queen?

 Kyla doing a corrosion experiment. The copper wire turned the water blue. Pretty cool. (Watermelon has nothing to do with experiment, it's just photo-bombing.)

 Sara turned ten this September. We had an outside party, since it was such a nice day. :)

 Kyla doing a concentration experiment. Her favorite part was wearing the eye protection.

 Look at this tiny salamander Kyla found. Isn't it adorable? It was just squirming around on the patio by our door one day when it was getting cold. It was very happy to be in Kyla's warm hand.

Oxygen/fire experiment. Balloon was inflated with oxygen from Baker's yeast mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Next, a candle was lighted, then put under large glass jar. Flame went out. The candle was  lighted again, then the oxygen from the balloon was released under the jar. Was supposed to flame up suddenly (we were nervous), but it only burned brighter. 

 Atmospheric pressure experiment. Small amount of water heated in empty (12 oz) aluminum can and then can turned upside down in a bowl of ice water. It imploded immediately. Very cool.

 Experiment to break down chemical composition of water. Battery made hydrogen and oxygen bubbles in the salt water, and the test tubes captured the two gases, showing that there is twice as much hydrogen as oxygen in water.

Iain's clay dude.

Whew! Told you there were lots of pictures!

All done for now.


  1. Hey I have a tennis racket too! I can't play very well, but if you ever wanna hit the ball around and chat, let me know! Also, the experiments look cool, I think we may try the lava lamp one. And poor puppy! I hope she is recovering better now!!


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