Five Minute Friday:: Prepare

Today is Five Minute Friday, and I am joining in on the free writing with other free-writing writers who love to write without worrying about it being right.

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Today's prompt is: PREPARE


Who knows how to prepare for what life hands you? Who even knew that we would need to prepare?

I mean, it should just come naturally, this growing up and going on into all the good that life has to offer, right?

We grow up, we go to school (or not), we get a job (or not), we get married (or not), we have children (or not), we settle into our groove, and then plug along. And all is well.

Only it isn't.

And the One who knew we wouldn't be able to prepare, that we could not prepare well enough for what life would hand us, He who loves us beyond our wildest dreams,  

He prepared for us.

He came down, He made a way for all the messes we would make to be cleaned up. He provided the path for us to walk the straight way, the ONLY way to peace and joy.

Now, the only thing we have to do is to prepare our hearts to receive Him—this mighty all-powerful King who condescended to come as a baby.

He made a way where there was no other way.



  1. I am visiting from FMF. "He prepared for us" is awesome. Those words warm my soul. In this time of loads of preparing, that He prepared for me helps me to be a little more at rest. Good words.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I appreciate your post. He made a way when there was no other way! Like it!!


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