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Here we go again, doing the free writing thing where we don't worry about anything except getting things down on paper for 5 minutes, and linking up to encourage one another along this writing journey.

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I hate change.

I am faced with a major life change, and my flesh is fighting it tooth and nail.

And why? Because it doesn't go with my vision. My perspective.There's that word again. Perspective.

And it makes me so frustrated, because I need to have God's perspective on this, and His view is wide open to all the tomorrows that I face, and He sees how little (or how big) this change is, and He knows where it will take me and how important it will be.

And I need to have His perspective so my view will be open to whatever He wants to do.

But I want to curl up in the fetal position and nurse my fears and guard my dreams and goals and vision. I don't want to be open because that feels vulnerable.

But I have to be willing to be vulnerable, if I am going to go forward. If I don't embrace change, no matter how hard it is, I am like squealing tires that make lots of noise but never get anywhere.

I need to put into practice what I preach, which means I need to be willing to trust and obey Him, to be open to His leading, even when it is hard. And it is really hard right now.


  1. I don't do well with change either!! I will pray for you. Remember God's perspective is always better than our own perspective. As you go through this change, with God by your side, you will be stronger for it, and your relationship with God will be much stronger too. Hugs!!

    1. True, Maria. My flesh is wanting its own way, but I am telling it to think on God's perspective. I'm not sure what that is, so I keep focusing on what I know, which is that God loves me and He knows what is best.

  2. Selena, I needed this today. I am facing a change yet again and sometimes my fears overwhelm me but if I open my eyes to God's plan.....His plan is the right one. Blessings Diana

    1. Diana, I think the beauty of this writing community, and of being part of the body of Christ, is that our experiences definitely matter to each other from a spiritual perspective. We are all connected in Christ, and we help each other when we share our lives. Thanks for your comment, because it reminded me of that. :-)


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