This is the sixth year that this handsome young man has been playing baseball. He started with Little League t-ball in 2009, and has went up through c-ball, b-ball and is now in a-ball. He has played Pony a few times, and once he played both Pony and Little League concurrently!

For years, we have watched home run balls sail over the fence of the a-ball field, and listened to them announce the home run hitter. This is something Iain has looked forward to for quite a while. His dad and I were equally excited, especially since he's got some power to his swing.

Sunday, Glen had to work, so I took Iain to his 1:30 game by myself. We got there at 12:30 for the team warmup, and I sat in the a-ball pavilion in my comfy fold-out chair, reading a book while waiting for things to begin.

The opposing team wore red, and I was the only parent  (as far as I could tell) sitting in the pavilion for our team. And I was wearing my red hoodie. The other parents for our team seemed to be out in the sun, along the fence. I didn't think much of this, nor of the fact that I wore red, until the game began.

I don't remember the way it played out exactly, but I think the first batter struck out, the second and third ones got base hits, and then the fourth batter struck out but the catcher dropped the ball so he was able to run and made it to first.

Iain came up to bat fifth with the bases loaded.
And the pitcher was throwing fastball strikes.
The kind Iain loves to hit. The kind he hits really well.

He fouled a few over the fence. But he was making contact with the ball.

I started to sweat.

I prayed, clasping my hands tightly because they were shaking, and I asked God for Iain to hit a home run. I think I said something about how now would be a great time, if he's ever going to do it.

And then he connected with that ball so perfectly, so beautifully, and hit it OUT. OF. THE. PARK!!

Yep, a bases loaded home run, better known as a  

My celebrating  may have resembled those dancing blow-up things at car dealerships. Needless to say, my daughters would have been embarrassed, if they were there. (At this point it became very obvious that I was not for the guest team, even though I wore red. haha).

We are SOOOOoooo proud of our boy!!!!

(I forgot my camera that day...sheesh...but someone captured him on video, so hopefully I'll be able to edit this and post that later.)