Self-Image {A Book Review}

Self-Image: How to Overcome Inferiority Judgments

I'm a slow learner, but the Lord is teaching me who I am.

I am painfully aware of the fact that I've defined myself by what I do, opinions of others (good and bad), and comparisons. I say painfully, because God is stripping me of some of that defining material to show me just how vested I am in things other than my devotion to Him.

My attitude stinks. And these things I've used to cloak myself in, putting on an "image" instead of putting on Christ (Romans 13:14), it stinks, too.

God is using this little booklet, "Self-Image - How to Overcome Inferiority Judgements," by Lou Priolo, to help me smell better (ha).

You may be thinking, "Oh, great, just what I need, another book to read." Well, think again.

Not only is a ton of powerful truth packed into just thirty-two pages, this is a soul-exposing workbook that helps you to apply the Truth to the lies in your life.

Like the lie of self-image.  Did you ever stop to think that the concept of having a good self-image is not biblical? The Word counsels us to think of others more highly than ourselves. As Lou Priolo states on the first page, "Christians have been inundated with humanistic presuppositions that they believe to be theologically sound." In this booklet, he exposes the truth about self-image.

Unlike other Christian self-help books that leave me loving the message but uncertain of how to apply it to my life, this little gem is just that—a mini manual on applying the Word.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. Because we all can use a dose of truth applied to our image!

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  1. This book sounds very interesting! I love books and can't have enough. I also love learning so this sounds right up my alley! So glad to come across this :) Visiting from Titus2sdays!


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