Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood {a book review}

I haven't posted anything to my blog since July because I've been busy. In fact, I've been so busy that it makes me sad that I don't feel like I had a summer. Or any rest in a long while.

That's what the back matter on this lovely Bible study talks about:

"Being a mom usually means being busy. Really busy. Whether you're zipping from your children's piano lessons to their next ballgame or nursing a baby while comforting a toddler, life is brimming with activities. Yet one encounter can help shape every moment: time in the Word with Jesus."
 It goes on to say that in this study you will learn how to nourish your own heart.

Nourish. That's a lovely word. It means to provide things necessary for growth, health and good. Who doesn't need their heart nourished? I know I do. Most of the time mine feels weak and neglected.

This eleven-week study is set up so four days are spent digging in the word, and the fifth is a summary of the content. It is very doable, and I've been encouraged and inspired. Ms. Kruger helps to make this easier by providing all the Bible passages that she asks you to read. And she writes in such a warm, friendly way—you  almost feel like she's a dear friend counseling you from the Word. But, just like other Bible studies out there, you won't benefit from this one if you don't apply what you learn to your life.

And therein lies the challenge.

So often I'll do a study like this, or read a passage in the Bible, or another devotional (such as "My Utmost for His Highest"), and I'll journal about what I learn or what has inspired me. I may even feel so blessed by what I read that I feel like God is near. But then my day starts...

In the midst of trapping those small foxes that try to spoil my day, I don't always remember the encouraging time I had that morning. So remember, no study, no matter how amazing it is, will replace application. That is why James said:

"But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude [fool] themselves," (James 1:22, NASB).

I recommend this study to anyone who needs some encouragement in their mother's heart. Just be ready to put to work what you learn.

Intrigued? I'm giving away a copy of this book (I was sent two.) Leave a comment with your favorite mom-encouraging scripture, and I'll draw a winner from the names. Just leave your email in your comment, so I can let you know you've won. (Use this format to avoid spammers: your_address (at) domain (dot) com (or net, etc). )

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Thanks to the publisher, Waterbrook, for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review (which I've just posted).

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