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Here I am writing on Saturday to Friday's prompt, and not worrying about whether it is "good" enough. It is fun to write like this, so if you'd like to try just click here. Today's prompt is:


Do you tell the whole truth all the time? Or do you “fudge” things?

Do you judge others for lying, while you categorize your lies and act like they don’t matter because they are insignificant (to you), but the other person’s lies are a big deal (at least to you)?

When the wall of a dam gets a small crack in it, that small crack can turn into a major catastrophe. And the catastrophe it becomes—allowing a torrent of “unexpected” water to run over and destroy everyone and everything in its path—seems like an all-of-a-sudden thing. 

But it isn’t. Because the small crack was there and it went unchecked and it turned into a big mess.

Tiny, “white” lies aren’t that big of a deal, you may say. But, is that true? (see Proverbs 12:22)

How would you feel, if you found out that something Jesus said was a lie. Even if it was something small, like what He had for breakfast one morning while He walked the earth. Would it bother you to know that He lied?

The issue isn’t just the content, it is the motive behind the lie. Where is our heart at in the midst of it? If we are willing to allow a single, small area of dishonesty to enter our lives, if we aren’t ruthless in exposing ourselves before the Lord and asking Him to search our hearts and minds for any lies we have told or believed, then it becomes a slippery slope of compromise.

And the next thing you know, something bowls us over—and takes those around us in the rush—and we are all reeling from this “sudden” development, that was really lurking in the shadows all the time.

"Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the Lord our God, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments, as at this day," (1 Kings 8:61 NASB).

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  1. Good reminder! Stopping by from FMF. I did my post today, too. Hope you have a good week. keep having fun writing.

  2. Hi Selena,
    Well written. The whole truth is what we need to focus on. Not a partial truth. I found true whole friendships when I decided to follow Jesus. Being open and honest in my feelings and insecurities helped me to grow in Christ.


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