Landscaping. Finally.

We have lived at this home for seven years now, so it's about time we put some landscaping around the front.

I tend to want to just get things done all at once, and quickly. But having lived here for a while, we've taken the time to really think about how we want things to look. If we'd jumped right in, we'd have put in symmetrical shrubs (a look that works well with a Colonial style home, such as ours, but one that I'm not crazy about). Thankfully, a little time wore down my husband's desire for that look and now I have a nice mix of mostly flowers. :)

Red knockout roses, and a butterfly and blueberry bush are on the side. We bring the fuzzy lawn ornament in when it rains.

 Pink roses, hydrangeas (my favorite!), holly shrubs, daylillies, and delphinium and hostas grace the front.



 Stella Doro (yellow) and purple Daylillies that the deer ate the blooms off because our stinky liquid fence washed off in a deluge of rain

 Fuzzy curly-tailed photo-bomber

Delphinium surrounded by Hostas

I hope to fill in spaces with some annuals, but will wait to see how these do first. It was seven hours of butt-kicking labor in the hot sun, raking all the rock and weeds out, laying new landscape fabric, digging and filling holes with proper soil, and putting it all back. But it looks good now! And I have prayed fervently for God to bless our efforts because I don't want to do this again any time soon. I definitely enjoy the end results better than the journey (even if I did keep telling our kiddos that the hard work builds character! ha!).  :-)

Next on the list for this summer is replacing the outside front entry doors and surround, the rear sliding patio and laundry doors, and adding black shudders to the windows. Our home is over 30 years old, and the doors have had it. The front gets lots of lovely frost on it in the winter. On the inside. (Yep.)

And the sliding door's track is wonky so the door regularly jumps the track and becomes an upper-body workout to close. Plus the lock is broken again, after being replaced twice, so we have the door barred with a piece of wood.

All of this, combined with some break-ins that have happened around here, make replacing our doors a wise next step.