Planting and Building

I am working through a Kay Arthur Bible study on 1 and2  Corinthians, and it is wonderful. I love her inductive Bible studies, and she has a whole series designed to help you mine some gold in just 15 minutes a day. Perfect. 

In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul is talking about planting and building. These are metaphors about our work in sharing the gospel. One plants, another waters, but God makes it grow. 

Paul says we are all God’s field, His cultivated land. That means, technically, we are all ready to hear a good Word from the Lord.

He mentioned that one lays a foundation and another builds on it. The foundation must be Christ, in order for the building to succeed. Any other foundation will crumble and nothing will survive when it is examined by Christ one day. 

In both of these cases, we are rewarded—paid wages—according to what we plant and what we build.
So, what are you planting and building?


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  1. visiting from FMF #71, indeed, Christ must be the foundation if we are to build.

  2. Hi, Selena! Just dropping in to say, "thank you!" for the sweet card of encouragement. I truly appreciate you taking time to write, and especially blessed to know you are praying for us. Praying for you & yours as you transition into a new school year.

    In answer to your question above...I am watering those seeds I planted long ago when my babies were babies. They are sprouting, as I see evidence of growth daily. :)


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