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Have you ever said something like: If only I could have/do/go/be _____________ then I'd be ...

I wonder, if it could be added up, how much time we've all wasted thinking of how "un" happy we are--thinking of all the bad decisions we've made, the money we've spent (and debt we've mounted), the people we've befriended (or rejected), the people who've rejected or hurt us, and on and on it goes.

My theory about the popularity of social media and electronic devices, such as phones and video games, is they help us to disconnect, rather than connect. We don't have to think in order to fire off a comment on facebook or Twitter, and we don't have to engage anyone to goof off with an app or a video game. And a lot of us are empty and hurting and...not happy.

The big deal about happiness and being happy is 100% perspective. And our perspective is primarily formed through our gratitude. The more we grumble and complain, the less content we are and the more unhappy we become.

There is always something for which we can be thankful, and being thankful magnifies the Lord (Psalm 69:30) and lifts our attitude. Just like love, being happy is a choice. And we need to choose wisely.

Joining with others for Kate Motang's Five Minute Friday


  1. So glad to be your FMF neighbor this Sunday. Yes, I just posted mine too! I love your words today and they definitely ring true.

  2. You're spot on, my friend! Technology is wonderful...but only if managed. Happiness doesn't come from having the latest, it's from acknowledging the Greatest.

  3. yes, there is always something to be thankful for. Happiness is a choice! yes.

    coming from fmf#77


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