Kitchen progress

So, I'm having one of those moments when I wonder if I've done something horrible that can't be undone. Like painting my laminate kitchen cabinets. Late at night. With dinner dishes still piled up on the kitchen table, cook top and in the sink (strategically not in this picture).

BEFORE lovely, aren't they? Yes, I'm thankful for my kitchen, but...

Below, the tall cabinets on the left just have Miss Lillian's Swamp Mud on them, but the ones on the right have Swamp Mud and a coat of Irish Cream (can you tell I love that color?)--cabinets and knobs. I am not finishing the left ones tonight. I'm tired, and I need to see this in daylight. I am praying that one coat of paint will do it. Please agree with me in prayer about that. (Or agree to come help me paint the rest, ha!)

What do you think?  Keep in mind that I can't go back, and I started painting because I figured that you can't really mess up ugly cabinets, so I didn't have much to lose. I really don't like to paint (seriously), but I dearly love the results. Nothing can transform things as beautifully as paint. Especially chalk paint :)

Go see Willow Ridge Vintage's selection of Miss Lillian's "Chock" Paint at the Art & Antiques Marketplace, here in Fairmont, WV.


  1. I think it's a good change. I whitewashed the brick surround (quite a large area) to our fireplace a few summer's ago and had the same process - no going back! I think your updates are lovely and I really think the cream color is a great look.


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