Love Finds You in Charm {movie review}

Love Finds You In Charm is a movie about an Amish girl who feels "different" and doesn't understand why she isn't willing just to go along with the requirements of the Amish faith. She rejects an offer of marriage in favor of going to the town of Charm to help out her aunt, who is also Amish. There, she is pursued by two men, one Amish and the other an Englischer, and she has to make a decision about her future.

This story was fairly predictable and saccharine, with a few innuendo moments that were surprising—although nothing like the blatant sexual references in most movies today. The acting was good, without the cheesiness normally found in faith-based movies. That said, some of the scenes felt a little contrived and unbelievable (such as when the main character dons makeup and a short dress for a date).

If you enjoy Amish romances and like a straightforward plot without any twists, this movie will be just the thing for you. Personally, I prefer a little more intrigue and drama in my movies.

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