Five Minute Friday :: Enjoy {link up}

It is so easy to focus on what we enjoy—or what brings us joy, or what we want in order to feel joy and  to enjoy our life—and so hard to yield to God. 

I had just written Psalm 25:4-5 and Matthew 26:41 in my journal this morning, and then read this quote:

“The change must go deeper than the surface … And if you want your life to yield, there has to be a yielding in the soul.”  —Ann Voskamp, “The Broken Way,” p 78.

Those two scriptures talk of being taught God’s Truth and being led in His ways, and of keeping our focus and praying because even though our spirit is willing it is hard to do what is right and good (which is why we need Jesus so desperately).

Enjoy is a verb. When we enjoy something, we are taking action.  It means “to take delight or pleasure in [something].”

I don’t say this to trivialize the trials in life. Life is hard. Doing life well is harder. Even knowing what “well” or “good” means and how to do that is hard.

Enjoy can also mean “to possess and benefit from” something. No matter what your life is like, you can enjoy it and grow.  

No matter what is going on, there is always going to be something unpleasant, something that needs refining. To enjoy it in the midst is all a matter of focus.

Joining others for a fun, 5-minute free-writing time, writing for the enjoyment of it. Sound fun? Check out Kate Motaung's site here.


  1. Hi neighbor! I wanted to hop over to see what you wrote for the #fmfparty. I love the Ann Voskamp quote! Have a great week! Pam


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