First Day at Public High School {Wow Moment}

Wow, where did the time go? I can see, like a home movie in my head, all these moments in Iain's life. It seems like he just erupted into a man body over the last year, towering at almost six foot, three inches and weighing around 180 pounds -- and only 14 years old!

Iain was a trooper, agreeing to hold my sign. He just wanted to get to the school and figure out where to go, but his mom and dad kept asking him to pose for pictures. (Obviously, our dog has no sense of composition (or decorum) when it comes to picture posing...)

He's a freshman, so if you're at a JV game and see #67 you'll know who he is! And with his size, he may see some varsity action as well.

Our son is a strong, brave, intelligent young man and I'm excited to see how God uses him!