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As you may have read in my previous blog post, our beautiful Georgia Boo van was rear-ended. It is finally in the shop, and now we are driving Snow White, a rental, until our van is fixed. While I am thankful for something to drive while my Honda is being fixed, I do not like this Town & Country's features. I will be so happy to get my own van back!

Some highlights of the last few days:

  • Wake up Tuesday to dead home phone. Again.
  • Made copies at church, dragging books and papers in and out of rain. Called Time Warner from church to tell them phone is out again.
  • On way home, remember that our van is to go to shop today.
  • Call shop and they come get my van.
  • Glen goes to hospital for a test.
  • Call Enterprise and they come to get me in Snow White. As we are leaving (around 2:40), we pass Glen on our street and I wave to him.
  • Get to Enterprise and remember that my driver's license is expired.
  • Can't call Glen to have him come rent van because our phone is dead.
  • Can't tell him I'm about to enter the Abyss that is the DMV because our phone is dead.
  • Enterprise takes me to the Fairmont DMV.
  • Sit in a chair at DMV for three hours watching the most amazing display of disorganization. Iain and I thumb wrestle for a while, to pass the time. Then we try index finger and pinkie finger wrestling, which doesn't work as well.
  • Finally get license and call Enterprise. They say they'll be there as soon as they can.
  • 20 minutes pass; call Enterprise again. They say it will be a few more minutes.
  • It is 5:20 now.
  • I call my elderly neighbor to ask for my other neighbor's phone number, so she can walk over and tell Glen that I am still alive.
  • I call neighbor's cell phone and there's no answer.
  • Enterprise picks me up at DMV and we go back to rent Snow White.
  • Pull out of parking lot and almost get t-boned by a big truck.
  • Laughing hysterically now.
  • Get home and house is a wreck. Decide to get a sitter and have a good evening.
  • Sitter comes and Glen and I go out to dinner.
  • Felt tired after dinner and sat in parking lot of movie theatre for an hour before deciding we were too old to watch a 9:35 showing of a movie.
  • Go home and go to bed.
  • Wake up next morning, annoyed that kitchen is a mess. Coming down with my kids' head cold.
  • Sitting at dining room table eating, see guy wearing backpack walk up onto front porch.
  • Tell Glen that I think it's one of those guys selling educational books, and to tell him to get lost.
  • Glen invites the Time Warner service guy inside.
  • Time Warner guy works on our phone problem and discovers what is wrong.

She looks innocent, doesn't she? She argued that she was falsely accused, but a few minutes after the Time Warner guy left, she chomped up another wire under our desk. Thankfully, it wasn't attached to anything. She is now banned from the desk area.


  1. WOW! I feel exhausted just living your life for the last few minutes. What a day! I hope the ones in the near future are a little less hectic.

    Take Care!


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