Eye Am Uncomfortable

Red is my favorite color, but not in my eye. In keeping with the theme of my "One Word" for 2014,  I hurt my eye this past Sunday morning.

Not intentionally, of course. I was pulling a shirt off of its hanger, and the hanger jumped off the clothes rack and poked me in the eye. My closet is dimly lit, so it gave me a good jab before I knew what hit me.

The doctor said I didn't hurt my eye on the inside, which is what I worried about. It's just superficial. A contusion, he said.  (My kids just keep saying, "Eeww...")

Maybe God wants me to consider where my focus is?

Not sure.

Regardless, I'm trying to keep my focus on what is true, not on how I feel. Because when I focus on how I feel I tend to get dramatic (shocking revelation to those who know me, I'm sure), and then my feelings inflate the reality of what I'm going through, and that makes everything seem more overwhelming than it needs to be.

I wish it didn't take a poke in the eye and other such painful things in order for me to see more clearly. But I am thankful that my God will give me whatever I need in order to be in His will.

Including a poke in the eye.

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