The Big Ta-Da :: Kitchen Cabinets Makeover!

If you saw my previous post, then you probably laughed loudly at my assertion that I'd paint my kitchen cabinets over the weekend.

Yep, that was definitely a novice painter's comment. But, they are done, and they look great (if I say so myself).



My husband and my kids were behind me, even though they didn't do the actual painting. They helped to clean up before and after, and they helped to put some cove trim along the top of the cabinets to conceal some cracks that happened because composite material moves around when you heat and air condition your spaces. (And my a/c has been working hard lately, let me tell you!)

As with other laminate things I've painted, these cabinets have one coat of Miss Lillian's Swamp Mud (a laminate bonding product), one coat of Irish Cream, and a final coat of Satin Luster. 

My takeaway from all this work (and I do mean work...) is beautiful cabinets that now look more like wood than laminated composite. And, I wouldn't get to enjoy them if I had even an inkling of how much work (and pain...) was involved in the process of painting them, because I truly don't think I'd have been willing to hurt like that.

I think that is why God doesn't tell us in advance what the journey to the end is like, how much pain and hurt and work it will take to get there. He just promises it will ultimately be good. The glorious thing is that when we finally end up at home with Him, it will be good beyond anything we can imagine, which makes the good ending of painted cabinets ridiculous in comparison.

But, I'll be thankful and enjoy these in the meantime, while I'm longing for home. (Where I'll hopefully not be tempted to paint anything anymore...or at least it hopefully won't be painful! ha!)